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It’s a zine publication project with crowd-sourced content. It’s about art, it’s about activism, it’s about sharing work and ideas, and giving voice to the issues we care about.

The theme for the first issue is:


It’s a topic that spans many different areas and highlights several critical issues - from the environmental to the growth of disease and rate of destruction, from issues on human health to our moral and ethical choices and lifestyles. Not to mention the damaging effects of mass consumption, and the brutality of the industries.
It’s also a topic met with some fierce opposition.

What do you have to say about it?

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Issue #1 is now complete!

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Calling all artists, activists, poets, writers, vegans, thinkers, photographers, teachers, musicians, foodies, animal lovers, and everyone else in between!
Get your entries in any time from right now until the final deadline:


17 MARCH 2016!

Send in your art, writing, poetry, quotes, rants, lyrics, photos, recipes, tips, news, musings, stories, articles, comments, ideas, projects, theories - anything & everything on the topic of veganism.

Work can be current or something from way back - send it in and get involved!



The final final deadline for submitting work to Art With Issues on the very broad topic of VEGANISM is still 17 MARCH 2016 (although getting them in sooner = better).

This brand new deadline is slightly sooner with more of a specific submission criteria.


Children love animals, right?

They'd never want any harm to come to them and become emotionally distressed when they realise that it does. I think we have a lot to learn from children, or un-learn.

Kids have an inherent compassion within them that us adults need to tap back into. We've been conditioned our whole lives to believe that it is normal for humans to use, slaughter and consume animals.

But we know that from every possible angle that this is not right.

Kids know this. How might we create something that speaks to this inherent wisdom that children have? Something creative, artistic, thought-provoking, that they might use to become the teacher in this unlearning exercise and communicate the compassionate message to adults?

Art With Issues wants to explore this idea
and we want to hear from you!

Same drill as before, send in all kinds of creative submissions. Maybe it's a drawing, a poem, a website design, or an idea for an app or a game. It could be a story, a comic, something educational, or anything at all. Incomplete ideas are also welcome.

The deadline for this is:

1st MARCH 2016

Get submitting!



Entries are not limited, so send in as many as you want!

For all images, .JPG or .PNG, 300dpi resolution or near enough.

For written works of any kind, use .doc .docx .pdf .rtf, or use the email body or Google Docs.

Work doesn’t need to be exclusive - it may have been published elsewhere.

Include your name/pen name/artist’s handle/or remain anonymous, your email, and any related links, such as your website/blog/etc, any submission title(s).

Optional - include a short bio about yourself, or how your submission supports the theme, or a piece of writing to be displayed with your image.

Email your submissions to: artwithissues@outlook.com with a subject “Art With Issues”.

Contributors should be willing to have their work published in print or online as part of an accompanying blog - you will always remain the owner of your work.

Submissions don’t necessarily guarantee publication. Those accepted will be contacted.

This zine, like many others of its kind, has a set of core values that we’d like our contribtors to share - a detailed account of these is on the way, but in short, this is a pro-vegan, pro-intersectionality, pro-equality and accessibility, and everything else that comes in between - therefore negative, abusive, threatening, and anything anti-everything-listed-above submissions will be deleted.

This is a space for ideas, education, positivity, empowerment, collaboration and creativity - so keep it friendly.

Get in touch with any questions, or ideas for future issues or artworks, or any relevent people/ideas/events you wish to plug.

More info is on the way. Many thanks for your interest. Please submit before JAN 20 2016 17 MARCH finalfinal deadline / 1st MARCH new deadline - later submissions may be accepted for future or extraneous issues or updates. We await your contributions!